Many people wonder about the differences between bookkeepers and accountants. Bookkeepers correctly record the transactions affecting a business, and some are able to complete (but not audit) financial statements. They handle clerical, repetitious record-keeping tasks. To be a bookkeeper one does not have to attend a professional training program or receive any certifications. By contrast, an accountant typically has earned at least a five year degree and is involved in the analysis of financial information and consultation on financial strategies. An accountant is also able to complete and audit a business’ financial statements. Often accountants employ bookkeepers in their practices to complete the recording of day-to-day business transactions.

We at Eckhardt Accounting are accountants first and foremost. More than mere bookkeepers, we take the time to audit and analyze the data provided by our clients and to create meaningful, accurate, and timely reports based on that data. The chief purpose of this process is to provide our clients with information and advice that they can use to make better business decisions and to thereby maximize their profits. As accountants, we have the capabilities to critically evaluate which approach will be best for a business when more than one approach can be logically supported.


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