The experience gained in training tax preparers and giving seminars on federal, state, and local taxes has enabled us to become experts in the field of state taxation and audit procedures. It is for this reason that our clients could choose no better tax preparation firm than Eckhardt Accounting.

In fact, we have even used this expertise to write and publish a book entitled “PlainTalk About Florida Sales Tax,” the only state tax guide of its kind. This book is written in language that the normal business owner can understand and is not loaded with statutes, rules and regulations, and legal language that not even a lawyer can understand.

Although the majority of business owners think immediately about income-based taxes when the thought of taxation comes to mind at all, it is important to remember that state taxes have the potential to be much more devastating to the cash flow and success of a business than income-based taxes. This is because state taxes are not based on profit but rather on the way each transaction is performed and on the accuracy and completeness of the records.

No matter the type of tax, we prepare all taxes from the latest electronic software programs and all tax returns are reviewed by professional tax preparers.

Additionally, we offer seminars in state taxation, financial management, computer systems, and other topics essential to the success of your business.


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