Whether you made the decision years ago or recently, congratulations on your decision to become an independent business owner! Your decision to go into business for yourself, as generations of Americans have done before you, is part of what has made the United States a great and unique country. We know that one of the most difficult decisions you face involves how you will handle the necessary bookkeeping and administrative work which is probably not your specialty, and which is definitely not the reason you decided to become a business owner.

We at Eckhardt Accounting offer individualized consulting for our clients’ businesses to assist in setting up their books and establishing procedures. This minimizes the risk of assessment in case of a future audit. Our services also include reviewing records and audit findings in the case of an actual audit. Our experts have experience in administrating businesses, approaching the auditors and their supervisors, and reducing the risk of loss.

Normally we receive records of origin (invoices or other sales data, receipts from vendors, bank statements, check stubs, etc.) from our clients on a monthly or quarterly basis, and post this information to the correct journals and ledgers. We also have electronic capabilities allowing us to access our clients’ computers, with their permission, in order to download raw data. We then review our clients’ information to insure that everything is accounted properly and to prepare the necessary tax and management financial reports.

We pride ourselves in the personal relationships we have with our clients and the fact that we always remember that we, too, are an independent small business. Our clients know that they can call on us for help in any administrative need and that with our assistance and support, their administrative and tax burdens diminish.

We are listed with Intuit as Professional QuickBooks Advisors. Over the years we have come to realize that although QuickBooks is one of the finest bookkeeping software packages available, it can also be disastrous in the hands of those who are not accounting professionals. Do not be mislead by the advertisements you may have seen; QuickBooks is not an “accountant in a box.” On the contrary, we have found that it takes far more time to untangle a client’s own QuickBooks records than to have just done the bookkeeping ourselves from the outset. Please learn from our experience and do not place faith in a powerful software package filled with undependable records.


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