Jesus Saves!

A Cross by the Sea

So you’ve found this page, huh? You hit that tiny link down at the bottom of the website. Maybe you were looking for something else, or maybe you just had nothing better to do.

Perhaps you are surprised that a professional would include something like this on his webpage. After all, I didn’t add any of my political opinions anywhere on the site, nor too much of my other personal musings. I have other websites and blogs for those things. Let me take a moment to tell you why I decided to add this page, though.

As a practicing Christian, I try to be mindful of God throughout the day and to include him in everything that I do. I often worship while I work on my clients’ accounts, listening to music or sermons or one of several podcasts that I enjoy. He is a big part of my work day, as well as of the way that I do business, and He therefore belongs on the Eckhardt Accounting website.

One of His mandates is to go into all the world and make disciples of all people. That, and not accountancy is my highest calling. It is my most important job.

You may or may not have heard the Gospel message before. If not, in a nutshell it’s that everyone has sinned, God hates sin, and God wants to be with you but can’t because you are a sinner and deserve death. Jesus is God incarnate and He died in your place, and if you will only trust that He has paid for your sins, He will remove them from you so that you can be together with Him both now and eternally.

If you’d like more information, I’ll be glad to talk with you about God. I am also very interested in reasonable faith, and Christian apologetics. I can steer you toward many resources for both the thinking skeptic and the thinking Christian.

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